• spirit

    Customer time is more valuable than gold

    It requires the service personnel to think of the users all the time, solve the problems existing in the equipment in a timely manner, and make it clear that the users' time is money.

  • objective

    Create value for customers

    This requires service personnel to have a comprehensive service ability, through our service to guide users to master the use, maintenance, construction, maintenance and other abilities, so as to provide protection for the user's work, produce benefits and value.

After-sales service

  • slogan

    The service slogan is "Parker's service, always and everywhere"

    The Tianjia service that users feel is ubiquitous and ubiquitous.

  • requirements

    Service requirements are "concise, comprehensive, proactive and timely"

    The eight characters of the service personnel requirements, to ensure that the initiative to contact customers, with the fastest speed, the best way to rush to the scene, the implementation of comprehensive, timely, efficient service, for the user to win time, create benefits. The content of service requirement is the interpretation of service spirit, purpose, slogan and target.

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