Paike New Materials organizes outdoor outreach activities of “Working Together, Challenge Self, Melting Team”


To improve the cohesion of the team, forge the team spirit of not fearing hardship and dedication, and promote mutual exchange and trust between employees, on September 9th Paike New Materials organized employees to carry out outdoor development with the theme of "Working together, challenging ourselves, and melting the team" activity. 

First, the team divided into groups, active atmosphere, established a foundation of mutual trust, and then conducted training in such subjects as concerted efforts. Throughout the process, the team members were passionate and energetic, especially at the end of the project that climbed over the 4.2-meter-high wall. Chairman Yufeng personally took the lead. As the leader, the team ignited the climax of the event and followed the rhythm of the music. The team members are all excited, eager to try, and the last 120 team members graduated perfectly with a total time of 20 minutes.

Through this activity, the understanding and trust of employees have been strengthened, and the spirit of teamwork, innovation, and creativity has been enhanced. After experiencing the joy of success brought by dedication, collaboration, and courage, everyone deeply felt the essence of "team strength". As well as the responsibilities that we have to bear as a member of Parker. At the same time, in the future development of Parker New Materials, we must always be people-oriented, earnestly implement the work and life of our employees, and continue to carry out a variety of knowledge and skills training and employee culture activity.

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